Wednesday, March 06, 2013


it's been ages since i lost blogged..yes months are ages for me..but soon enough hopefully i'll find a meaning for this..i mean a certain something to blog about or maybe ill just end up random again,,oh well... SOON!

Friday, February 01, 2013


well...i was suppose to go out and get something somewhere..whatever..haha...but i got caught up with my frustration upon not remembering my blogger account earlier...what's there to blog about...i used to think this was my comfort zone..but now i'm not so sure...there are secrets that i don't mind other people knowing but those who are close to me...well i believe when they learn of these was just bring about thing i'm actually good at..hmm..oh and this post is well about random things...i may be a month late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! year..huh...and still i haven't figure my life's bothering..but that's how it is..some things might have change about me but yes some are still the same..and some are going through the confusion state...hmm and i just zoned out...

Full Performance of "Let Me Love You" from "Naked" | GLEE

he really sounds good!.. Jake and Marley...<3

hmm wouldn't fall in love when someone sings to you a song like this......

this! iwant...